It is always worth a try.

Writing experiences, I have it. Desire to do it, too. Less costancy to do it and even less confidence to make it public. But I am starting, with fatigue, to do it, because it is always worth a try to do what you love to do. I am starting now because:

  1. It has been recomended to me.
  2. I want to make my morning productive.
  3. I need to make order in my dreamy head.

This site is not so easy to understand. Maybe it is because I don’t have any experience in blogs, writing programs or computer apps. However it takes me two days to understand how to well use it.

All of this intro wants to justify my presence on here. I am a student, I am an almost-full-time student and a part-time, alternative weekend and confused and messed week days worker. I do not own any economic heritage, I have lived more than 20 years and I don’t have any regular salary yet, my mum still, shame on me, helps me with money, and I don’t have any intentions to make me miss something in life. It is this, the desire of the impossible that makes me travel with no-money (and it has to be clear that no money means with a bit of it), with small change in my pocket (the back pocket that is more comfortable  and more stylish to me), to sleep sometime over public solid surface if it happens, and to bring with me just a backpack that is always heavier than it was supposed to be.

I want to see everything, I have lust of sights, lust of experiences, lust of what life is to me. The lack of money or of time will not prevent this to me. It is for this reason that I am the one that finds the most economic tickets, that travels for a bargain price, the one that in just one travel can see one, two but also three nations with a budget that never touches the four digits. For this I am the one that organize for me and for friends the cheaper itinerary full of frenzy and desire.

I travel. I travel phisically not as much as I would, but I travel a lot. I travel when I got the fever and I am locked in my house I and can’t go out and see places, I travel in my own city and I try to discover places I never saw, I travel when I prepare an university exam, I travel when I close my eyes or when I see a movie, I travel when volunteers associations send me their projects. I travel everytime I can, by projecting a concrete travel  with maps in my hand, or remembering one made, sometimes without moving -unfortunately- and this gave me a certain experience that seems useful to me and to others.

I just need a small change to start thinking, dreaming and travel, and building a castle made by hopes and concrete experiences.

I want to talk about my travels. The travels I did, the opportunity I found and expect to do. I would try to put some limits to my words as I have limits to my travels, every limit has it’s own memory.

I don’t have any intention to let you read how beautiful, without problems, easygoing and moneyfree is to travel. Travel is the most beautiful thing a person can do. But It can be the most hard, the most difficult, the most strong or even sad experience someone can do.

It is always easy to think about all the great things you have seen after came back from a travel. Like it is always easy to think about just the positive memories saved in your eyes. But to travel it is not just about this. It is about not all the museums and the cathedrals you have impressed in your retina, but the emotions of which your eyes are composed.

I remember about that time that I decided to go to live in England. Just after my graduation I took this plane alone, it was a night flight. In the take on city it was raining, over the clouds it was shining, in the take off city it was late night. The first thing after going out from an airport is the smell, the parfume of a day ended in another reality. It is the parfume that gave me the image now, and both of the them remember me that feel.

I called a friend of my cousin, ask her for a roof and waited for a brand new day.

It is funny how while I am writing it is like I am there, still in that moment. That moment is again inside of me and that floor is again under my feet.

I remember how that travel changed my life and thought me how impredictable life can be and how suprising travel actually are. I don’t think it can exist someone that did a travel in which he expected everything could have been happened.

My life was going on with a decision taken some months before: I go to England, I start to work and go to live together my partner.

It is not important the struggle that I found in England, but it is important to say that just after two days, I went from believing in my decision to believing that that decision was wrong, and I went away from London to a city chosen from fate on the map: Liverpool.

And it is for this that than Liverpool became my house, and as soon as I arrived I saw them, two stranger say to me and my backpack from a car: “Hello stranger!”

And after that I have passed the last months before my leaving picturing and picturing how it could ever be, in the just first three days it’s already happened all that I could never imagining.

I smiled again.